Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DOSER Valve failed

Just had our first issue with a 2010 ISC, Check Engine light, no loss of power. DOSER Valve had failed.
Will post a pic, as the heat shield to the doser valve was missing, some build up on the tip of the valve (white and crusty)
Quick fix once the part came in, probably a 24 hour turn around that included all troubleshooting.
Cummins ISC, Bus application, about 15,000 miles. No other issues or concerns.

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Bud said...

Follow up, this condition continues as we have a check engine light on, no loss of power and the same code. Currently looking to update the ECM programming and review the pump and Doser valve operation while in passive regen. Running the test with the doser valve removed removed looks very good. Simple process to test, its the repair that continues to be an issue.